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Little Orchard Lobby
Little Orchard Lobby
Little Orchard Lobby
Little Orchard Exterior
Little Orchard Lobby


In the world of self-storage, it is important for the business owner to distinguish themselves from the competition.  In undertaking this unique project for Toeniskoetter development, DesignLink was asked to design a visually appealing storage facility front office and manager’s residence that would not only attract new customers but also appeal to someone who would be willing to be an on-site manager 24/7.  Special considerations were given to safety and overall attractiveness of both the front office and the residential unit on the 2nd floor.  DesignLink developed a family-oriented approach with a coffee / break counter, special play area for children, a wall of monitors depicting the level of security and an overall sense of professionalism that conveys security. Special touches included leather waiting chairs, high-end residential lighting, and a technology driven customer interface help to further sell the comfort and confidentiality of the facility.  In addition to the custom manager’s residence, exterior improvements included window trim, lighting, multi-colored paint scheme, awnings and colored concrete as design elements.  

The perception of how a storage facility protects customer’s personal belongings has certainly changed.  This state of the art facility includes customer viewable security cameras, internet connectivity and temperature control.  This facility served as a model and subsequent leasing activity was so successful that the investors have decided to build more of these storage facilities throughout California.

SIZE                   3,500 square foot 

TYPE                 Modern Self Storage Facility


LOCATION      San Jose, California

Press                 San Jose Mercury News (08/2017)

                                  Toeniskoetter (11/2017)

"The DesignLink team really responds!  We had some challenging design problems to solve with projects that needed a lift in appearance and user experience.  DesignLink created an amazing turnaround in the direction of our facilities, so much so that that we know there is an increase in our business as a direct result of the design ideas we implemented.  Great people with great ideas and execution!"

-Todd Trekell

 Development Project Manager

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