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Cristo Rey Exterior
Cristo Rey - Chapel
Conference Room
Teacher's Lounge
Cristo Rey - Break Room
Meeting Room
Conference Room
Cristo Rey_Science Lab_01
Cristo Rey_Science Lab_01



Cristo Rey is a national, privately-funded high school for disadvantaged young adults who have ambition to go to college and work in the professional world.  The local school serves students from East San Jose, offers an innovative work-study program, and has a track record of successful high-school completion and college success.  

This unique approach to learning exposes students to working in a professional setting.  As an extension of this learning approach, the new wing of the school needed to reflect more closely the built environment of some of the local technology companies.  DesignLink developed a unique classroom design with open ceilings, AV equipped, and leading-edge furniture configurations.  The students work in teams and often have more than one class in the same room. A delicate balance of open ceilings, acoustics, technology and materials was always at the forefront of the design.  The building was designed with large exterior windows to allow a maximum amount natural light into the space.  Additionally, an administrative function on the 2nd floor also utilized an open office design.  Glass front conference rooms and open teachers’ lounge with both private and collaborative space are prominent features.  Inspirational bold graphics cover the walls in the stairwells.  There was also a small, contemporary chapel included on the ground floor for students and instructors for private reflection.  

SIZE                   18,620 SF

TYPE                 High School

LOCATION      San Jose, California

PRESS              San Jose Mercury News (08/2016)

                             San Jose Mercury News   (12/2012)

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