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Over the past four years, Steve has helped Bosch expand their facilities in Palo Alto from 14,000 sq. ft. to just over 75,000 sq. ft.  One major challenge for the current 30,000 sq. ft. project was that Bosch viewed the project  as a temporary expansion of labs and office space that needed to be executed on a limited budget and fast tracked. By isolating lab locations and focusing on open work areas with fewer offices and closed conference rooms, Steve kept the construction budget focused on the lab build-outs and support infrastructure.  

A second challenge was integrating the Bosch corporate design standards with more current Silicon Valley workplace trends.  The old workplace was a reflection of order and efficiency that utilized impersonal cubicles, private offices, and secluded conference rooms.  The new Bosch standards helped to support the change in workplace that is now personal, flexible, and collaborative.  Security was also a concern so it was important to balance the open work environment with the ability to control visitors, contract workers, and graduate interns. The new layout facilitates various levels of security while remaining open and inviting for the employees working in all locations throughout the space.  

SIZE                   78,000 SF 

TYPE                Global Manufacturing

                          R&D Facility


                          Office Space

LOCATION     Stanford Research Park

                          Palo Alto, California

"I have worked with Steve for over twenty years on various projects and have always found his ability to solve our real estate needs a real bonus.  His ideas and solutions are creative and thoughtful, helping our organization and projects to be successful.   He knows how to strike the right balance between the needs of the users and the real estate design team.  As a team, we must work in-between the constraints of the projects including budget and schedules; keeping within those constraints can be a challenge. The DesignLink team manages the challenge well and finds new ways to solve and work both the big and small topics on our projects.  DesignLink  consistently over-delivers on service.  Steve and the Bosch team work in a trusted relationship that helps to facilitate our ability to watch over the best interests of the Bosch organization."

-Wolfgang Knapp

 VP Corporate Real Estate,

 Robert Bosch Americas

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