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Steve Polcyn designed the ZERO1 Garage in collaboration with its Director Joel Slayton to be a leading exhibit and event space for interactive, technology-based art and corporate creativity.  Situated in an old warehouse in San Jose’s SOFA arts district, the building was structurally retrofitted and the space brought to life with raw, yet refined finishes that reflect the vibe of ZERO1. The large open space accommodates a wide range of uses such as exhibits, performances, lectures and studio space for visiting artists.  ZERO1’s administrative offices were also located within the space without barriers or intrusion.  A seamless transition between work, exhibit and event space is highlighted through various forms of natural and artificial light that provide the perfect backdrop for the artwork.

SIZE                   8,000 SF 

TYPE                 Art Gallery

                          Event Space

                          Office Space

LOCATION      San Jose, California

PRESS               ZERO1

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