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In collaboration with CBRE Project Management Group, Steve Polcyn was responsible for overseeing the roll-out of a new retail branch program for Comerica Bank in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Steve completed ten new branch banks and six branch remodels of approximately 4,000+ square foot each, for a total of 70,000 square feet of retail space. Working closely with CBRE, Comerica’s marketing group, and other Comerica vendors, the project team implemented and refined Comerica’s national design standards to create a consistent image for their retail brand. Several branches were located in historic buildings where a delicate balance of new and historic design elements was required to create a cohesive design and foster community acceptance.  In addition to the interior improvements, many of the buildings required extensive exterior renovations and site improvements.  The remodel program was successful in updating the image of the bank and helping Comerica position itself as a regional business banking leader.

SIZE                   70,000 SF 

TYPE                 Commercial Bank

LOCATION      Various, Northern California

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