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AppFolio is a real estate and property management software company that has had an accelerated growth curve the past few years.  This fast growth model required that they plan for a large, open, flexible space that can be reconfigured for various types of team working set-ups.  With a mix of engineers, accounting, sales and legal experts, the various work styles need to have multiple work settings that provide a scalable variety of collaborative, private and semi-private work areas. Careful use of different sized conference rooms, open meeting areas, phone rooms, private offices and teaming areas provide plenty of options for employees.  Strategic use of open and closed ceiling areas with various kinds of acoustic treatment help to define different kinds of work areas.  The break areas were of particular concern since they needed to accommodate daily access to snacks and beverages and catering for group meetings.  The two, two-story buildings were divided into four quadrants that are planned to be occupied over time for growth and design of amenities such as a full-service café, fitness room, bike storage, and other services that will  be required in the next couple of years.

SIZE                   97,000 square foot 

TYPE                 Commercial Office

LOCATION      Goleta, California

                           Richardson, Texas

                           San Diego, California

"We began working with DesignLink to help us with our Goleta, CA offices.  Over time we saw the value in what DesignLink brings to the table with our facilities and operations and asked the DesignLink team to design our Richardson, TX office space.  We were pleased to have Steve help us with our design, build-out and overall construction effort.  The employees of the Richardson office were young and looking for an exciting, open, casual space that reflected the Appfolio culture.  The DesignLink solutions were great.  The execution and coordination with the GC was right on."

-Mike Ziebell

 Vice President, Business Operations

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