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This facility was a former semiconductor wafer fabrication site with very complex array of outdated clean-rooms and high-tech manufacturing equipment. The client was only using a portion of the old clean rooms for their smart-glass R&D labs.  View had already upgraded many of the smaller, prototyping production lines for use in developing their product on-site. DesignLink was brought in as a workplace specialist to design the interiors and to collaborate with the exterior building architect, Edwin Bruce Associates, Architects.

The new space utilization program consisted of large areas of open workstations, conference rooms, a raised floor network operations center (NOC)  and an executive briefing center (EBC).  The building also includes a large, all-hands employee area, a visitor’s lobby and direct access to the prototype labs for marketing purposes.  A phase-2, exterior scope of work was also designed, however was put on hold due to Covid restrictions.

The original low ceilings and an inordinate number of steel columns – supporting a vast amount of roof equipment – left an original, confusing floor plan to work with. These challenges later became opportunities once the walls and ceilings were removed. Opening up the space improved the circulation that was supplemented by upgraded lighting, new finishes and new exterior glass walls and skylights were retrofitted to the building. The entirety of the space came to life with the improved amount of natural light. Larger exterior windows utilizing the clients own glass product became a demonstration showcase for their product. Exterior improvements included cutting out portions of the exterior walls to create larger glass openings , new landscaping, updated building access, increased EV parking and new building finishes. This project is a perfect example of how to repurpose an older Silicon Valley technology building that otherwise would have been torn down. By finding a new way to utilize the valuable and expensive clean room manufacturing facilities as new prototyping space, and updating the building inside and out, View saved millions of dollars verses trying to build a new building or spending more money upgrading a shell building.  Additionally, the work was completed in phases while the tenant continued to occupy

the space.   


AREA OF RENOVATION             39,865 square foot 

OVERALL BUILDING AREA:    74,777 square foot 

TYPE                   Commercial Office - R&D Facility

LOCATION       Milpitas,  CA

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